Lessons in Comedy

I had the most extraordinary experience
just the other night:
I was at a comedy show,
a free comedy show
featuring amateur comics
on a Sunday night
at a no-cover club.
The acts were
One of them
featured a creepy dude
who talked about murder
and kidnapping with just a hint of rape
in the crudest and rudest of forms.
I have seem better acts

but the audience loved him.
They laughed at every half-mutterance
he came up with
– and the mutters were many.
the crowd was mostly male
and white
and the crowd was mostly comics
and the crowd, to be honest,
was mostly drunk by this point in the evening,
but the applause was palpable.
They seemed to genuinely love
this horrifying act
and while, for a moment,
I thought this represented
the forced lobotomization of America,
I ended up with a different takeaway:

Even the creepiest
the most awful among us
can find a home
if he looks hard enough.
Even the worst of us all
can brainwash a solid few
to adore him.

This is a lesson
I wish I had learned earlier
rather than trying to hide
my hideous face from you
for so long.
I am sorry it took me this many years to learn
but I am glad to discover at all
that I can find my people
no matter how bad I am.

Everyone is horrible
but it doesn’t matter:
we’re all monsters now.

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