The Chemicals of Romance

If she doesn’t want you,
then she doesn’t want you
and there’s nothing
you can do about it.
There is no willing it
into existence
or debating the point,
berating her into submission
or even asking her
again and again
and again and again
to change her mind.
If the chemicals of romance are not in place
then that’s all she will ever write
on the subject – ever.

There is no drugging her
nor brainwashing
nor any chance of committing tricks or treasons
to prove your devotion
and convince her of the rightness of your cause.
These are fundamental biological issues
and there is no recourse
if Slot A and Tab B don’t fit.
Just acquit yourself honorably
and move on to a better match.
Look for one, at least.

If she doesn’t want you
shrug it off.
Walk it off.
and shove off.
Really, just back off
and leave her alone
if she doesn’t want you.

…but what if she’s playing…?

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