There are three girls
throughout my storied history
whom I dreamed about
drinking Sprite
with great significance and meaning.

Jennifer came to me at night
in high school
at a time
where I never thought anyone
would ever want me.
In dreams, she did
and imagining her
occupied my time
for most of the next three years.
Sometimes she spoke kindly to me
but never more than that.

Julietta was different
and dreaming of her
coming to my house
for a cool, refreshing soft drink
leading to a shameful display
in the living room
ended up being repeated
in reality
almost to the letter.
Julietta was a cool drink of water
and she drank a truly mean Sprite.

And now there is you.
I’m not quite sure
which scenario you’ll represent
and until I am
I don’t think I’ll tell you
about the many dreams
in which you played a significant part.
Suffice to say,
if at all possible,
I would like
to offer you a drink.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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