String Theories

The thumbtacks hold the string
that makes visible the lines
that show all the connections
between all the secrets
that they all want to keep
from us all.

I have many colors of string
but only one kind of thumbtack:
so that nothing will distract
from the truth they help to outline.

If you are willing to look,
I will show you
my vision boards
of the Secret State of America
and describe for you
all that it signifies.
You will be shocked
at how deep it goes.

Are you interested?
Because I have to warn you:
you’ll have to de-infest,
wear the sonar drowning foam,
and change positions
every four picoseconds
lest they uncover
that we are on to them.

Are you in?
Blink your response
in Base Seven.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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