So Serious

Honey, there’s no need
to take it so serious.
It happens to every girl
every now and again.
Might as well lie back
and enjoy,
if you’ve heard that before.

Sweetheart, if
you’re just going to take offense
at every insensitive thing I say,
you may never have time
to take offense
at the awful things I do.
There aren’t enough hours
in the day,
if you can believe it.

Yes, I’ve been bad.
Sure, you’ve been hurt.
Of course, it’s a travesty
– a crime, even, but
what’re you gonna do?
Really, what can any of us do?

Yes, there is that.
I suppose so.
Sure, if you…
Well, but…
Damn, girl.
So serious!

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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