Gettin’ Giddy WiddIt

The sun is out and the sky is great.
I’m waking up early after staying up late.
Everything’s improving exponentially
and I can’t help but be happy – temporarily.

I’m starting all smiles. Snide comments are nary
and existence is seeming extraordinary.
But in my heart’s mind, I know it can’t stay.
In the click of a lens it’ll all go away.

I’m temporarily giddy cuz life is sweet
and savored like a seasoned section of meat.
I’m temporarily giddy and it came on so fast.
It stands to reason it couldn’t last.

On a joyous voyage for groceries
I excitedly spy for items to seize.
The apples are dappled; the grapefruit sun-kissed.
Everything’s great cuz I’m an optimist.

But this mood any minute can gallop and go.
I can’t just stay happy on my own say-so!
It’s all so transient; in a day or an hour
you can bet bottom dollar I’m gonna get sour.

Temporary giddiness? The order of the day.
I’m temporarily giddy. What else can I say?
But though at the moment I’m nothing but grins
I know any time I’ll be frowning again.

It comes and it goes; it goes and it comes.
My joy is dependent, like dollars to bums.
Like most cis red-blooded boys in the world,
my humors will fluctuate based on a girl.

A smile from a babe can make me all smiles
but a stern word from her makes it go for a while.
I know when she’s happy I’m in a good state
until I trudge home from the third date.

I’m temporarily giddy, when at my best.
At the moment: ecstatic. Later: a wretch.
Like a roll of the dice, I win when I’m hot.
Yeah, I’m temporarily giddy – until I’m not.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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