Time of your Life

Hey. HEY!
Don’t look around
but pay attention:
this is important.
I come from the future
in the midst of The Time Travel Endeavors
and you
you’re the one that’s finally gonna come up with
the important technology
that finally gets us able
to go forward in time
– more than a minute at a time.
After that, the other stuff
gets real easy.

Yeah, it’s pretty great.

So, obviously,
I wanted to meet you
since you’re such a vital part
if our future.
But, well,
you ever see Terminator?
The first one.
So, yeah…
there’s a catch.

If you don’t do…
the secret thing you’ve got do
(I can’t go into details),
It all goes to hell.
So you’ve got to stay the course, man.
You have to keep doing
what you’re doing
or else you’ll never have
that important discovery
that makes everything else happen
like dominos in your wedding cake.

What? Oh, dominos!
That’s an important practice when I come from.
You’ll get to experience it eventually.

Otherwise, one of your competitors
with the warring technologies
(Like fried Walrus bone travel),
she’ll get ahead
and we will never get to when it’s really cool.
Just keep up the studies.
Take Physics 301,
and absolutely, positively
stay with the Purity Club,
and – are you listening?

Yea, I guess, she’s pretty
but don’t talk to her.
Yeah, I guess she is pretty hot
No. NO!
Oh, well.
That’s it.
Future’s gone.
Better luck next time, I guess.

hey, time.
Get it?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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