The Steps

When we dance
you should take the lead.
I don’t know how to move well with others.
I seem to lack that particular grace
which you have it in abundance.
It’s one of the things
I like so much about you.

You must tell me what to do
how to treat you
what to say to make you happy,
to make you believe
that you want me near you,
a thing I doubt
with great frequency
and greater enthusiasm.
You could train me.
You should explain to me
just what you need
so that I can be part of it.

When we are out amongst others
give me the context to understand
how I should appear:
servile or strong,
aloof or argumentative
(though probably not argumentative.
That was a kinda dumb suggestion).
What should I be?
What should I do?

When we dance.
I want to do it right.
Show me how.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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