Mixed Impression

To the cutie patootie whose cleavage
I decidedly did not ogle on Avenue A:
I’m sorry I ogled your cleavage
over there on Avenue A.
In my defense,
that was only one of your features
I was appreciating
as we passed each other.
It just happened to be the features
I was staring deep into
when you caught me.

They were amazing breasts,
by the way.

But I want you to understand
that it was the whole package
that I found so delightful:
the short skirt
the toned legs
the nervous wince as you noticed my mouth watering display.

I thought your haircut
was quite fetching, too.

And there was no need to cover up
your tight top,
you know.
I was totally incapable of seeing anything inappropriate,
I can assure you.

I’m sorry I made
such a mixed impression
just now on Avenue A.
Please know that I consider you
with only the highest regard
and will be thinking of you tonight
and for many more nights to come.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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