Seventy One Jennifers

So it didn’t work out
quite as planned.
Don’t be sad or darkened,
or decimated, devastated,
driven down to some dumb crumb.
No, she didn’t come to you
like you hoped she would,
but not every Jenny arrives
exactly when you might wish.

It’s not the end of the world
or even the end of the night.
There’s always another Jenny.
There are, in fact, quite a very many.
You can find a Jenny under every rock.
There’s one who likes Bones
and one who likes Spock.
No doubt, there’s a few set aside for Kirk,
but for honest and true,
there has to be at least one more
for you.

Keep looking
for the thing that will satisfy you,
be she a Jenny,
a Jenn or even two Jennifers.
In this world
there are infinite possibilities available
if you keep your eyes open.

Keep your heart open, too
for calloused and ripped
as your organ may be,
if what you seek is someone to join you,
then someone will need to get in.
Only in that way
will you have your very own Jenny.
For real.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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