The Plan Comes Together

In an instant
the plan came together.

I was so excited
at how easily the pieces
became placed:
Go to the bodega
to buy two dozen roses
for ten dollars
because they’re unaware
of the occasion
so they don’t know
to jack up the price
for all the people
who’d want to celebrate
this very special day.

Get the address of your office
including a digital stare at the location
to know where I’m going.
Verify the floor
to really know where I’m going.

This is where the plan
gets a bit tricky.
Possibly a little sticky
but stay with me
for a moment:
convince a delivery person
down some alley
where I subdue him
and take his credentials
into the Deliveryman’s Union
so I can
– oh? No special ID required?
All the better.
Back on track.

From here
I go to your office
flowers in hand
and bring to your little cubicle
as surprise, so
on this little day
you’ll have someone
who made the effort
to celebrate the day
as deserved

except I see now
that you’ve taken the day off
because your friends got you a cruise
to… that can’t be right.
A cruise to Mars?
Twenty eighth century Mars?

Your friends make good plans.
Maybe they can help
me figure out
what to do with there flowers?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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