New Spells

I wish I knew if you got home safely
but then
I wish a variety of things regarding you
with astounding frequency.
I am enamored with you,
enraptured by you,
ensorcelled by your every charm.
It’s amazing how much I’ve invested in your existence
with so little engagement on your part.
Perhaps that’s just part of your magic: the lightest effort
yields the greatest results.

I’m not sure at all
if I want to get deeper
into this mess
or wish to be free of you
and your trickery
but that doubt might just be
the brainwashing at work.

Certainly, with these powers at your disposal,
I needn’t worry at all about your safety.
Your conjurations leave you better protected
than I ever could
for whoever could possibly escape your skills?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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