The Lost Folio

The folio you lost
is maybe the best of all time,
containing the most timeless
of words,
the most creative
of concepts,
and the most effortless
of execution.

The most beautiful girl
you ever saw
was the one you spied
eye-corner fleeting
while getting off the train
as she got on.
She was perfect, that girl
(and no doubt now a woman).

The thing that can never be retrieved,
that can never be seen again,
will be missed far more
than anything mired
by the mud of the earth.
Isn’t that just the way?

If somehow,
we could treasure the things
that are closest to us,
not just the falling stars
of the night,
that would be a precious skill.

Alas, that goal
flies against human nature
and is thus unobtainable
and so,
we want it all the more.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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