With you going off
on your little disappearing act
I have a chance of my own
to take a break,
to review, reconsider
and to revise my life
as necessary.

With more time to myself
I may just be able
to get things done:
minor things
like finishing the dishes
and the novel
but also major ones
like getting the damnable monkey off my back.

In isolation
I can rest
and reorganize
and free myself
from the addictions that enslave me.
In my home
alone, I can go cold turkey
on wild turkey and Cheetos
and. with the time afforded me,
I will be able to detox
and get you out of my system.

I’ll get clean
then go back downtown
so I can clean up.
With you no longer defining me
in no time I’m sure
I will find some other kind of
trouble to get myself into.
In the time that you’re gone
another thing
will become my mistress
and I will be done with you.

As if.
Like this terminal addiction
I have for you
could be sated by anything
or anyone else.
Like there is an amount of time apart
that could grant me the strength
to quit you.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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