At our first,
I swore I would love you
no matter what
which has proven, over time,
to be somewhat inconvenient.
If I’d added some conditions up front
a great deal of awkwardness
could have been subsequently avoided.

I would love you,
I should have said,
if you don’t parade your new boyfriend
at the places we used to go to
and I still go to
and all of our friends go to.

I would love you,
I should have added,
unless you try to involve me
in any pyramid schemes
or Ponzi schemes
or off-color schemes.

I would love you always,
I ought to have stated,
lest the you
you were with me
proves to be a different you
than the you
you will become.
If you change your identity
or race
or the species and genus
you previously identified with,
I can’t be held responsible
for any update to my feelings.

I would love you forever
I should have explained
only if you continue to love me
or at least are nice to me
or, perhaps, if you remain friendly.

a promise is a promise
so I’m stuck with you
for fucking ever
despite what I suspect any self-respecting lawyer
could do with our case.
We shall remain as one
for an eternity, I suppose,
unless, perhaps,
you’d be willing to call it quits?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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