The Pills

The pills don’t always work.
The smiles don’t always work.
The cake
the ice cream
the ice cream cake
and candy, they…
don’t always work.

the downs get going,
and nothing can keep ’em down.
It’s a part of life.
It’s a part of chemistry.
It’s a part of getting through.
Maybe there’s even a reason for it
though I’ll be damned
if I know what it is.

But dancing doesn’t always work
and drinking doesn’t always work
and death of your enemies
even in the most hilarious of ways
does not always work
in dispelling the darkness.

Not weed
not movies
not comic books,
nor comedy shows
nor constant playing of "Karma Chameleon"
will stay the blues
from their appointed rounds.
When it’s your time to be depressed
that’s just it.

nothing will get in the way
of having a bad day
we can try the blow jobs again
if you’d like.
Just to be sure.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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