Become Foreign

Please, I beg you:
never cut your hair.
It is astonishing.
It is exotic.
It defines you.
It makes you
a thing I want to know
and very much
want to know better.

Please, I must insist:
keep your locks
and your power.
Maintain your familiar form
and contain the magic
it avails.
Stay as wondrous
as you are today,
an object of inspiration
an object of desire.

Please, I entreat:
do not change.
I cannot promise
I will want you
as much as now
if you ever transform
into something different.
Do not risk
becoming a stranger.

Please, I beg of you:
never ever cut your hair
but when you do cut your hair
I would like you
to leave me a sample
to treasure
of the once perfect you
that I once knew.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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