My therapist said
you provided a perfect opportunity
to sever all contact
and go cold turkey
avoiding any word, thought or deed
that would relate to you

and these past few days
I have been true to his command
keeping myself pure and untouched
by anything involving you

except not really.
There is
in all things
a distinct absence of you,
a you-sized hole in the wall
where you made your speedy escape

and even where there is not
a visual space
you should have filled,
there is a sound
a fragrance,
hell, a thing I wanted to show you,
to experience with you

but now
in this period of drying out
there are only
the constant reminders
of what is missing

something you would never notice
if you were here
because only then
would the hole disappear.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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