I wouldn’t have liked it with you, anyway.
It might have been fun at first, sure,
but eventually
it would have been tiresome
to be with someone so beautiful
so elegant,
one who made every interaction
an attempt to be the best
she could possibly be.
It would have been exhausting
trying to keep up.

It would have been annoying, too,
being seen with one
so much more gorgeous,
so associated
with society’s standards of exquisition.
It would be hard
to never be up on your level
and to know full well
you were too smart
not to know it, too.

My paranoia would have grown
by leaps
by bounds.
My jealousy would have tripled overnight.
I would learn to be a man
far more petty
than the one I am today.
It is for the best
that you’re clearly not into me.
It is pragmatic to give up the chase.
It is only wisdom
to have aborted the effort
before investing unduly.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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