Roll Out

I have been walking these wettened streets
stewing over what’s been said.
I see so many of the sites
you’ve cited from your youth.
This was the wrong place
to have a fight with you
where you know everything
about everything.
But then
there are so very many places like that
and I so enjoy
having fights with you.

The subjects barely matter
so long as there’s passion
the explosive energy
that brings a flush to your cheeks.
I love to see you care
even if it means
I become the subject
of your disdain.

And often
it is eerily easy
to attain your ire. Like:
“When are you going to realize
that the pottery store is not
a poetry store?
No matter how many times
you may stare at the sign
they will not be the same thing
“I don’t think I’ve ever heard
you say a good word
about your great aunt.
She must not be that great
after all.”

Fish in a barrel
And then?
More fun than a barrel of monkeys.
We fight
and sometimes
we make up
but either way
I get you at your best
your most furious
most passionate.

It is all I ever want.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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