Post-Performance Review

I just heard your performance
and let me tell you
that skirt fits you very well.
I really loved the choker you were wearing.
The lyrics you sang were really sexy
and your lipstick
is just the right shade of slut.

It was very impressive
the way you owned the stage
and commanded the attention
of every man in the place
and any number of the lesbians.
You did good, kid,
and let me tell you,
I am not an easy one to impress.

I think I might have
some ideas
as to what you can do
with your music
and your shows
and your further career.
I have suggestions
some strategies
that could get you
what you’re looking for.
If you’d like
I’d be happy to provide my thoughts
over drinks
or later over coffee.

Anyway, good job.
Let me know
if you want to get ahead
and maybe I’ll do the same.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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