Leaving the Station

When Paddington was born
immigrant children
in immigrant England
saw him as one of them:
a short brown boy
from deepest Peru
sneaking his way well into the First World?

The story was written by Michael Bond
as a giant “welcome”
to all the kids arriving
from everywhere.
Thirty five million books were sold
– though that’s from all the tales
in the series.
TV shows, movies,
stuffed animals and sex dolls…
Paddington Bear did all right.

He showed that,
however hard it was,
whatever troubles could come
the spirit of Great Britain
could welcome any
who might seek a new home.
Paddington and Bond did that
but Bond is dead
(last month)
and that open generosity
might have beaten him
to the grave.

Rest In Peace, Michael Bond.
Rest In Peace, Paddington.
Rest In Peace, Old England.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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