This Day

I know that our conversance amounts to but aught
but I’d just like to say that I care a whole lot
and that, if given less than a quarter a chance,
for the price of a song, to your tune I would dance.
If there’s something you want, like an unpicked liver,
just give me the order; I’ll soon deliver
the organ you asked for as quick as your wit
and cut to your gut I would but install it.

For today is your day. Whatever you wish.
If, say, you desire a barrel of fish
delivered from Sweden, in such high demand.
Just say the word, which I’ll then command
to my staff of assistants who do what I bid
and if they have opinions that differ, they’re hid
for they get that on this date you’ll get your way
for until midnight’s strike, what you like’s yours today.

If you just say so, I’ll get you a cat
or a rat or a gnat that wears spats. How ’bout that?
On your birthday, remember, that you should be pleased
so if there’s an opportunity you’ve found unseized
tell me what to do, and I’ll get it done.
It can be little, so long you have fun.
With all that I’ve got, I’m here for you
and anyplace else that you might want me, too.

I’m happy to serve you however I can
and if that makes you think that I am the man
that is working to have all your needs satisfied
or at least that with all of my efforts, I tried
then by all means, assume that’s as hard as I’ll work
to make you happy each day with no shirk
-ing or resting or sleep. For your joy
is all that I want. I’ll be your Joy Boy.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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