All Apologies # 0000.0

All right, so this one
is a piece of crap.
It’s ill-planned
and worked on far too hurriedly,
because I wanted to get it done immediately
making quality fly out the window
for some self-imposed deadline
that nobody else cares about
– you know,
as it is with all good art.

This was a rush job
with a weak central concept
and an imbecilic rhyme scheme
while I was learning the language
and high off of bad steak.
It’s a waste of time,
really, and should be
wiped away
rather than shat out
the way too many products get made.

It’s lazy
and lame
and frankly, I’m ashamed
of the very minimal effort
that’s gone into it.
I’m sorry.
Don’t read this.
Don’t listen.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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