We sat in the park
by the garden
and my special friend nodded
towards a tittering millennial,
previously unnoticed.
“He’s here to photograph a surprise.”
I saw the boy
and asked why she’d said that.

She just shrugged
but the kid
started gesturing to nearby girls
who also had their cameras out
but all kept discrete distance from one another,
some invisible barrier separating them
and the garden.
I began to suspect
that my friend was on to something.

Within a few minutes
a couple slowly ambled into the garden
and by then
any fool could feel the elements
all creeping into one another.
The man led the woman
among the flowers
then bent down
and proffered a box.
The woman gasped,
and their friends popped from hiding
clicking happily away
and then clapped heartily.

“How did you know?”
I asked. She replied,
“You just have to see.”

The garden closed soon after
due to lack of funds.
My special friend probably knows why
but I haven’t seen her
to ask.
She saw something in me
I think
that i could not
and now goes other places
with other people
that I know nothing about.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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