Street Pizza

The new place
where I get dollar pizza
(just a couple blocks
from my old dollar pizza place)
is pretty much the same.
You don’t go in
for a dollar pizza slice
if you’re seeking
one of those life-changing
taste sensations that men write poems about.

The dollar slice at the new place
is primarily identical
to what I’m used to
with the exception
of a particular condiment:
the new place lacks hot sauce.

I hadn’t really thought
about hot sauce on pizza
until I frequented dollar pizza places.
it is hard to live without.
So far, I’ve found a way.
I’ve been all right with the latest slices
at the latest place
but I could use the liquid kick
that Sriracha provides
just a few blocks away.

Maybe I can request they add this
to the flavors available.
Maybe I can carry
some of the hot stuff with me.
Maybe I should go back to the old place.
Maybe I should just shut up
and eat me my damned pizza.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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