Form E

When the choice was made and the left got beat, I thought we’d have to wait a while
but in the weeks that followed, people hollered and the administration faced trials.
I grew up, stood up, defending my rights, while shouting down all of their wrongs
I walked in the marches against those with torches, singing my sixties songs.

I expressed my opinions and gave peace a chance
but it started to seem like the same song and dance
as I held up my placards and said Love Trumps Hate
but now I’m on the inside waiting for my court date
on the chance I’ll be set free.

They came for me. For me!
They came for me, and no one else thought it an emergency.
They came for me. For me!
They came for me, but the rest experienced no urgency
despite the chair’s electricity
or the needle’s intensity.

Well, they threatened the Muslims and the Mexicans and spoke ill of all the ladies
but I assumed all the “Make ‘Merica Great” rhetoric was just borrowed from the nineteen eighties.
Now I’ve been stuck in some full prison for some long time, it seems it’s like ringing a bell
as I’ve watched the mainstream media tell me how the nation’s gone to hell.

Well I fought and I strode so this day’d be forbode:
a future like nineteen eighty four.
But now that it’s here, it’s distressingly clear
I’m a prisoner of this war.
And what were THEY fighting for?

They fought for me. With me!
Then they caught me. I’m imprisoned but not charged formally.
They came at me. At me!
Took my liberty, for disturbing the peace, reportedly.
Though we all agreed, absolutely
– at the very least, intellectually.

First they closed up the borders for safety and so our people could get all the jobs
which nobody took, so businesses booked some employment for our prison mobs.
I’ll be picking that cotton or fruit soon left rotten while serving out my time.

When was fighting for justice and speaking out truth in this country considered a crime?
Once I shouted my words so loud, still unheard
by those who were making decisions.
I got taken away with so much left to say
because of this empire’s divisions
– in the name of security!

They came for me. For me!
They came for me due to political divergency.
They came for me. For me!
They came for me as a member of the counterinsurgency.
I’ll be moved when they sign Form E.
Then await all our destiny…

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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