By Way Of

When I was your age
I was a fuck up.
I had already changed careers
a couple of times
from jobs I knew I didn’t want
to others of the same ilk.
I had a limitation of friends,
no love life to speak of,
few activities I wanted to be involved in.

I knew what I wanted to do,
what I wanted to be.
I knew what I wanted
but I was doing nothing
to make it happen.
I was a wreck.

We’re not very similar.
You’re already more accomplished
than I think I’ve ever been
but you seem stuck.
You seem like I was
a little,
destined for something else,
but just weren’t ready to start.
You should start.

You could skip my wasted years
and become what you are
with haste.
I hope you do.
I pray you start
and don’t just sit around waiting
like I continue to do.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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