I can tell from your tone
that it’s not working out
and you’re done with me
but it doesn’t have to be this way.
Whatever it is
that you don’t like about me
can be changed

I’m not tied
to my current identity
at all.
If you need a stronger man
or richer
or more educated,
I will get to work.
I can become
whatever you want of me.

I’m not afraid
of a little effort
or an investment of resources.
I care about you
and I really want
to see this through.
So just tell me if you’re looking
for a taller man
or thinner
or slightly more Scandinavian.

Seeking someone with a conscience
or perhaps less scruples?
I’m your man
or can become him.
I can work out the kinks in either plan.

I can work.
I can grow.
I can improve or forget important aspects
of my previous existence.
I don’t think you understand
just how flexible
I am willing to be for you.
Try me.
and you shall receive.

And afterwards
when you look at the work done
and see the effort I’ve put into my transformation
and you ask
“What is this patchwork monster before me,”
you will be astonished to realize
it is the very one you created
through your suggestions.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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