Appointments and Scheduling

Yes, I suppose it’s possible.
I might be able to move some things around
I could have the meeting the next day
and I don’t need to stop by the bar
to see Delilah (she might not be there
It’s all in the realm of possibility
is it really necessary?
I mean, how important is this event, anyhow?
Really, your daughter’s funeral
could not come at a worse time.

No, I understand.
It’s so rare to have your kids predecease you.
It’s a once in a lifetime affair.
I wouldn’t want to inconvenience you
but is the date set in stone?
Wouldn’t a Thursday make more sense
for the flow of the week?
I’m just suggesting it
as an alternate.
Hear me out.

If you move it up
you can be more selective with your invite list.
If you move it up
you might get a better price on the room.
If you move it up
it leaves the weekend still available
for bigger ticket events.
It’ll probably flow much better
for your higher profile attendees.

Consider it. Maybe we can work something out
or maybe I can make the appointed time work
or maybe
you could wait
until your daughter actually dies
instead of doing this kind of crap
every time she goes into the doctor’s office?

Either way
I’m there for you
convenient or no.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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