Cuatro Minutos

Doctor, doctor. Tell me what’s wrong.
Our session can’t be over; it hasn’t been that long
since you opened your door and we started off our chat.
We have a quarter hour left; I’m certain of that!
Don’t cut this short. Provide a psych report.
Then an evaluation and I’ll offer a retort.
Let’s continue our discussion since it’s on my dime.
I’m not asking for much – just a touch more of your time.

Just gimme four minutes. I gotta have that left.
Let me finish up the hour else I’ll be left here bereft.
Give me some advice; tell me if my heart is true.
We can wrap up our session with just what I need to do
in four minutes.
Four minutes…
Gimme four minutes!

Come on professor; I paid for this class.
Well, at least my parents did – or did they? I forgot to ask.
Of course I want the credits – but more, the education
of Brown V. Board’s decision and results on segregation.
I know some of the students are already at the door
but I’m a nerdy kid who needs the couple minutes more
still left in the class, lest I end up just a rube
simply squeezing out the sparkle from an empty lube tube.

Sir! Gimme four minutes. It’s the least that I deserve.
If I hear your final thoughts, I’ll get much further on the curve.
If the bell hasn’t rung, I demand more of the lesson.
You can cover three more pages of your book here in this session
in four minutes.
Four minutes…
Gimme four minutes!

I know you’ve had enough of me. Your words are no surprise
and though I’m sad our love’s collapsed before our very eyes,
I’m glad about the time we’ve had, your gentleness, your patience.
So let’s share a final kiss on this last day of our acquaintance
and if you’re so inclined and kind, or in that sort of mood,
you’d consider giving me the chance to one more time be screwed.
It doesn’t have to be straight sex, if you’d rather be on knees.
It just matters that I get some loving from you, baby, please!

Give me four of your minutes, that’s all that I’ll need.
If it’s our final moments, let us do the frigging deed.
Just two hundred forty seconds ought to turn it all around.
Turn that frown upside down and get ready to pound
for four minutes.
Four minutes…
Pleasure for forever or maybe just under four minutes!

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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