You know, in retrospect,
I might have said some things
that exacerbated the situation.
I’m sorry if my meaning had got lost
or misconstrued.
I never meant to lead you on
but I can see
just how it could’ve happened.

Smiling at you
gave you the impression
that I enjoyed your company
and thus
was conceivably interested
in some sort of horizontal mambo
or at least a twerk.

When I laughed at your stupid jokes
or politely acknowledged
your curious attempts at negging
I guess I gave you the chance
to believe
there was a chance for you and me.
Also apologies.

I let you buy some drinks
and accepted
when you refused reciprocation.
I never called you out
on your sexist, racist
ageist and occasionally height-ist rhetoric.
I allowed you to stay in my presence
and never outright stated
the nausea I distinctly felt.
All apologies, really.
I should not have let any of that stand
giving you the false impression
that you were anything more
than an undesired distraction.
Apologies, really,
all over the place.

I’m sorry I led you on.
But I’ve learned:
I shan’t do so again.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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