Opinions Differ

I’m afraid that I beg to differ
with your interpretation
of the behavior in question.
What you see as creepy
I see as charmingly eccentric.
What you consider stalking
I call romantic enthusiasm.

The ways I have repeatedly expressed
my appreciation for your shape
and its many attributes
is direct and honest
and that I have continued incessantly
despite your frequent deflections
is, quite honestly, pretty directed behavior.

I have seen a goal
that I wish to attain
and have been single-minded
in gaining you
(you’re the goal).
And yes, single-minded
can sometimes translate into monomaniacal
but my heart is pure.
My love is true.

On this
like so many other things
we’re just going to have to agree
to disagree
though, until I get released,
I’m afraid
that you might have gotten
the last word.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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