Enthusiasm and Expletives

Some days
when the seasons change,
the sun shines out
the birds sing beautifully
and the world seems full of opportunity.
All transitions are rife with potential
and everything looks like
it’ll be coming up roses
or reason will prevail
over the change of season.

Some days
you wake up
bounce out of bed
bursting with enthusiasm and expletives
about how amazing everything is,
how wonderful everyone is,
and how every single day is a blessing.

Some days
daylight is the crack of a book
you’ve been waiting to read for some time
and you can’t believe how lucky you are
to be here
no matter where “here” is.

Some days,
some days are just so goddamned great,
so who do I have to fuck,
fire or kill
to see one of those damned days again?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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