You drive her home
but she’s in no hurry
to get out of the car
and that’s all right
because you didn’t much
want to say goodnight just yet

You talk quietly.
You kiss softly.
You kiss some more
and she puts her hand on your chest,
asking, “Is there anywhere
we can go?”
You want to say “Upstairs.
We could go to your room.”
But you know full well
she’s got someone up there
and that wouldn’t work out.

“I don’t know
what’s still open at this hour,”
you reply, pretty damn sure
you’re not answering the question
she was asking.
“There might be a school,
or a park we could go to.”

Her eyes light up
at the last
and she says,
“There’s a park?”

“But they’re closed after hours,”
you walk back,
but her hand
still on your chest
is searching for a different response.
“Could we get in?”

You think about it
and you think of her
and her insane interest in you
and you wonder what is going on
and worry about getting arrested
if caught in a park
and what a great story it would be
but what about your record
and who would make bail –

And she kisses you again
and you forget your worries
for a moment
but it is just a moment
and soon after
she says goodnight
and goes upstairs to another
and you are left in your car

You head home yourself
and it is a good many hours
before you get any sleep.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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