The Situation Is

On the day after our anniversary
I was warned
by the umpteenth advisor
to keep my distance from you.

They can all see
with painfully little evidence
how bad a bet you are
and how unwise it would be
to remain in your presence
for any time at all.

They see your appeals
and they understand why I was taken in
but are quite quick to recommend
that I be free of you
as soon as possible.

I keep these people around
because they are wise
and experienced
and have my best interests at heart
they don’t know you
the way I do.

They might say
that they know you better
but I know
deep down
what the truth is
so I will be sure
to put them on furlough
until you help me
come to my senses.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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