Enthusiasm and Alacrity

I didn’t think
I could do it
despite my claims.
I didn’t really believe
I could turn off the faucet
so quickly
and completely.
I lacked faith in myself.

In our past,
I’d said I would do anything for you,
and though I meant it
I knew full well
I would be unable
to lasso the moon
and pull it through your window.
I understood right away
that I might fight untold predators
for your honor
but not really,
not if you were just bullying some schmo.

My unconditional love
I realized
was conditional as fuck
and the things I would do for you
were not quite as limitless
as I’d thought.

All this is to say
I was proud of myself
for actually fulfilling your latest request
with the enthusiasm and alacrity
that was required.
I loved you yesterday
with a strength unlike anything under the sun
but you told me not to
so it’s done.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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