U2 – Exit

She broke up with her freshman boyfriend
right around when I broke up
with my senior girlfriend
and we were just sitting in my double dorm room bed
when I suggested
that it might be a smart idea
if we were to comfort each other
in that autumn of our discontent.

I offered her a massage
or one of the other patented moves
of the sensitive new age guy
and stroked her
and offered what positivity I could
in the face of mutual depression.

She didn’t say “no.”
She didn’t say anything, really,
just lay, awkwardly,
as I provided what affection
I knew she was missing.
My attention lacked reciprocation
which I didn’t much appreciate
so I relocated from my bed to the chair
and she relocated straight out of my hall
pretty much immediately.

She was never in my room after that
and I never again got to offer her
any of the comfort
I thought we had both deserved.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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