U2 – Songs of Innocence

God, Bree, I am so sorry.
I just feel awful
about how it went down.
I misunderstood everything
from the get-go
didn’t I?

I thought we were flirting.
I thought we were dancing around something.
I thought you were interested.
I really thought you were interested.
I thought there was reciprocation
or might be
or could be
if you were given enough incentive.

I never meant to make you uncomfortable.
I never meant for you to feel unsafe.
I never wanted you
to think you couldn’t be honest with me
or direct.
I never imagined
you’d be scared to talk to me
about the truth.

I’m sorry, Bree.
I am so goddamned sorry
like you wouldn’t believe
and rest assured
I won’t be bothering you again
acting like a creep in your presence
giving you the impression of anything untoward.
In a minute
I’ll be gone.

…was that a wink?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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