U2 – Scarlet

Fine. I get it.
You don’t like me
– yes, I insist upon that addition,
See, despite what you currently claim
I know you liked me.
Everything you did, said,
and showed
gave me ample evidence
to support that assessment.

Yes, I hear you.
You think you’d know your own mind
better than me, sure.
But I could tell.
I could smell your interest.
I’m not usually good with signs and portents
but the universe pointed to you
– for maybe a minute and a half –
being into me.

So it’s over.
I get that.
I can see
how maybe I’m more man
than you could bear
and maybe I came on strong that one time
– those three times –
… that month…
but you provided reason
for me to think my interest was reciprocated
for that little while.

I’m sorry about the blood, though.
I guess I could’ve been
a bit more careful.

You don’t have to be
such a bitch about it.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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