U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday

When you were on the rag
and I was too ooked out for period sex
but I was feeling kind of randy
and I tried to coax you
to blow me
and then I tried to convince you
to blow me
and then I began to coerce you
and none of it was working

and I got a little testy
and suggested that it was my prerogative
to request such things
and that I’d been pretty patient with you
but that I’d gotten you flowers on Valentine’s Day
– despite the obscene markup –
and had remembered our three month anniversary
and really,
what’s a little blow job
between friends
and you said that thing
– you know the one.
Don’t make me repeat it.
All right. Fine.
You said
that “little” was appropriate
considering what you’d be blowing
– you don’t need to laugh again.
You’re the one that said it!


When you got all snippy that weekend
and I got insistent
and you kicked me out
and didn’t take my calls for a few days…
I’m sorry about all that.
I was insensitive
and I apologize.
All right?

about that blowie…

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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