Obvious Implications / Full Stop:

Really? Is this conversation absolutely necessary?
Can’t we just agree on the concept
of irreconcilable differences
and leave it at that?
I don’t mind getting down and dirty about this
but were I you
I’d advise against it.

Of course, it should be clear,
I am not you
and little like you
so if you insist we go down
this long dusty road?
I’ll just let it be.

Things always get weird with us
and that’s probably because
you always end up
doing something weird.
I’m not saying you’re a freak
because I’m hoping
you’re perceptive enough
to pick up
on the obvious implications.
If you can’t see it, though,
then that’s another sign
of what’s gone horribly wrong between us
– when there was an “us” to speak of
at all.

Am I being harsh?
You might think so
but your opinion is worthless to me.
I don’t want to be rude,
but if you’re asking for honesty,
it shall be provided
full stop:
Your thoughts are not respected.
Your experience counts for nothing.
I don’t much have any interest
in what you have to say

but over and over again
you insist on saying words to me,
words about the weather,
thoughts on your preferred entertainment,
your feelings on the political climate
of your home town.
I don’t care about politics
where I currently am,
why in Satan’s name
would I give a shit about
where you come from?

I’m sorry if sometimes I’m mean
but you seem to elicit it.
Like an Alien burst
you bring the asshole out of me.
If there was a way
I could be kinder to you
but still get you to see
what should have been fucking obvious all along
I would have chosen to do so
but nothing else has worked
so here it is:
the truth.

be done now?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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