Dreamin’ at the Movies

The dream
the naked dream
at school
where you’re in front of the class
presenting alone
preparing to show all you got
when you realize suddenly
you are literally showing
ALL you got
– that dream
is not just a dream.

It is the universe informing you
warning you
that you are unprepared.
You are unready
for whatever is placed before you.
You are deer-headlight dumb
awaiting an embarrassment
you can only imagine.

The naked dream
is a threat to your security
a prognostication for tomorrow
or later on today,
depending on precisely
when the dream occurred.

You can listen to the dream
and try to increase
the state of preparedness,
but really,
by the time you’re dreaming,
you’re probably too late,
so you might as well sit back,
and watch your life
go down in flames.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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