Balancing Scales

When we kill the rich
and their fat asses and gold suspenders
are holding up the wall
and we are readying them
for the firing squad
please remember
that I was one of you all along.

I was the proletariat.
I was a worker drone.
I was one of the unwashed
the dirty
the unconsidered.
I was part of the wretched majority.

Sure, I may have spoken better
than most of you
and lived better
and had an education
at one of the elite institutions
– or maybe three of them –
but I never lorded it over you.
I always behaved
as if you
– all of you –
were no better than me.

Please keep this in mind
when we sort out
all the heroes and villains
and be sure to recall
I gave to bums
at least once or twice.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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