Throat Deep

Gavrilo Princip was an incompetent.
He was charged
by the Black Hand
with killing the Archduke
but he’d already mucked it up once that day
due to that aforementioned incompetence.

He was unprepared for the job at hand
and had previously failed in his mandate.
He would never be well-known
as he is now
if not for luck.
Had not Ferdinand’s staff
first gotten lost
and then chunked the car,
Princip would never have gotten
his second chance
to kill a dude
and gotten all of us throat deep
into the Great War
one of the most violent affairs
all of Europe had attended to.

Chance has a great role
in many atrocities.
Just as it helped Princip
fulfilled his goals,
chance brought you before me
twice that week,
giving me the opportunity
right after notice
to commit us both
to many cataclysms to come.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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