Ode to the Girl I’ve Been Talking to on Bumble

If you fuck me,
I’d really appreciate it.
If you would fuck me,
it could be such fun.
It might be a story
you tell all your friends,
’bout when you fucked that one guy
and then run.

I’d buy you a dinner,
if you wanted to fuck,
or go off mud-wrestling
to touch in the muck.
I see options aplenty,
were we to go there.
You could go down to town.
I could kiss all your hair.

Just please keep in mind
the chance we might fuck
It could be at my place.
It could be in your truck.
If there’s ever a time,
or a place, or a way,
I would love to go sex you,
unless I am gay.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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