Madonna Staples

When you’re feeling small
when the world is crushing down
with more force than Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam
you can scream out your story
and should.
You can whisper it
or even simply blink out your miserable tale
in Morse Code.
No nuance need be lost
to a deaf audience.

Feel free.
Let everything out.
Express yourself
in any way you wish.
You can say whatever you want.
Nobody’s listening.
Nobody cares.

Your sorry state
can be presented any way
and all ways
on every day.
Tell her about it
or him or them
of brag on your blog
about your bog of woe.
Make your pain known
as best you can.
It won’t matter.

You remain alone.
There is joy to be found there
if you know how to look.
Once you accept the nothing you deserve
it all gets better
or so I’m told
I think.
Really, I couldn’t be bothered to listen.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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