In A Cellular Bath

My reverse clone side-eyes me,
On the alternate plane where he was gene-spliced
in a cellular bath
on an asteroid belt
somewhere near Sirius
he conquered his star system
in his tweens.

By the time he had finished high school
he was a best selling dancer
and joke machine
– and, apparently,
he’d already abdicated his warlordship
so they liked his art
based on merit.

The man who shares my alternate history heredity
the reverse clone from that other world,
has forgotten more women
than I’ve ever met
and fathered more abortions
than I have had partners
(the fact that he speaks
using such terms
shows just how separated are
our realities).

He believes I have failed to live up to my potential.
I believe his values are abhorrent
and he must be stopped
before he conquers my world
or ever dance-jokes again.
We’re both right.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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