A Little More Conservation

It’s good that you’re writing songs now
a step in the right direction
but is there any way
that you might consider making them
just a little bit less Springsteen?

No, I don’t.
I love Springsteen.
I think he’s the best there is
at what he does
and what he does is pretty damned great
but here’s the thing:
he beat you to it.
There’s a Springsteen
already there in the record bins
and you ain’t it.

And I don’t blame you
for aping your betters.
It’s how everybody learns
how everybody starts
but if there was some possibility,
a remote chance that you could stop
I would very much recommend you take it.

Try it, please.
Just a little less Springsteen
and a little bit more you.
That’d be gear.
That’d be boss.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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