Some Black Light

If you are reading this note
it is because I have run away.
I am gone from you now
and you are never
never never
never never going to find me.

By the time you read this
I shall have entered
into a new kingdom
and will be living the life of Rilo Kiley
under some black light.
I’ll have found a better place
and you’ll be without me.
You will be unable to see me
or talk to me
or apologize for the fuzzy dice
which shouldn’t have been that hard to do
after all anyway.

When you get this letter,
don’t come looking for me.
It won’t work;
I’ll be too far gone
been hidden in ways
you could never conceive.
Don’t trouble yourself
you’d just look the fool
(and definitely don’t visit the Diner on forty eighth
between six and ten)
because it won’t work
and you’ll never see me again.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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